Hi there! I’m not really sure who is going to end up fumbling upon this, but this is my very first blog post. First this first, I can’t spell and I am very bad at grammar, so I apologize in advance if you yourself are a writer and this bothers you. 

My whole plan with this blog is to have a space other than facebook and twitter to put my thoughts, kind of like a journal or a diary. So without further a do Hello! My name is Cassandra and i’m a 20 year old hairstylist. I can’t wait to start this project and hope to inspire anyone else.

I have a couple of post in mind already so be on the look out for those! I want to plan to do at least one post a week either on friday of saturday, which do you think would be best? If you have any questions or wanna know any thing else about me go ahead and leave a comment! 



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