Snow Day

February 9th 2017

If you live in New England you already know that we are in the middle of a winter storm. But for those of you who aren’t around its CRAZY!! So crazy in fact that I can’t even see my neighbors across the road.

Days like today bring back memories of having snow days in school, especially cause my sister is now in high school(which i think is insane). The warm comfort of the wood stove going in the basement and the silent falling of snow outside coating everything in a think blanket of white fluffy snow. Thankfully I don’t have to go to work and drive in all this crazy snow, it’s basically a whiteout.

Even though it’s a snow day and there is absolutely no way I am going to go out and drive in this snow I do have those dreaded chores that I need to do, mostly laundry but who really likes laundry??

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day snow storm or not! If you’re reading this let me know the best part of your day so far, and you’re favorite snow day memory!





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