Trip to Portland

February 25 2017

After a long day in Vermont at my sister’s gymnastics meet I came home and got ready to accompany a friend to Portland Maine so she could purchase her brides maid dress. But instead of just driving a little over an hour to Portland just to turn around and go home we made an evening out of it!

This being my first proper time at the Maine mall I wanted to explore what stores they had. As we were walking in I spotted someone holding a Lush bag, now mind you I don’t live near a Lush store there for I have never been into one. So it was immediately my mission to find the store and of course buy some lovely bath bits. Upon walking in I was greeted with the wonderful smell of bath products. Now if i could I would’ve purchased more than 3 items. I picked up the Sakura Bath Bomb($6.75) and the Sunnyside Bubble Bar($10.95) for myself. I also bought the Pink Bath Bomb($5.25) for my sister. I just recently tried the bath bomb and bubble bar today and my skin feels amazing.

Once I got over my excitement of the Lush store we went into Forever 21, which apparently that day was having a major sale so naturally we decided we had to go in and take a look. I ended up buying 4 things, my favorite thing would have to be this red and black plaid shirt and conveniently it was one of the two items i got that weren’t on sale, the other being a black cropped tee with “Good vibes” written on it with the definition. Now the clearance section was 65% off so i couldn’t not buy anything. I first picked up a long skirt that goes to just about the middle of my shin. It has a really pretty black lace over lay with a shorter sold black skirt that hits right in mid thigh. Now this was originally $27.90 and I got it for $12.99!! The next and last item I got is a long jersey material dress with no sleeves and a slit in the back, oh and it also has a hood which pretty much sold me on it. Now this was originally $15.90 but I got it for $6.99!!! (this is also the only dress I could.t get a good picture of so be on the look out on my Instagram for pictures of that when the weather gets warmer)

Now after that we were both ready for dinner as it was almost 8pm. So my friend brought me to a Japanese restaurant that I have never been too. And let me tell you it was a wonderful experience. Our waitress was the sweetest and the food was amazing, I will definitely be going back. (especially when I can actually try some of their delicious sounding drinks)

All in all it was a very good evening




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