A Night To Remeber


One thing that everyone has in common is an emotional connection to either an artist, band, song, etc. I have the biggest connection to the band Bring Me The Horizon. They are my favorite band by far.

For some people music is just music but to me and pretty much everyone I know, music is what has saved their life. It says what you can’t say, it says so much about someone and what they’ve been through.

So I have seen BMTH for the first time with my best friend Shannon. Now that was my first official concert, and I have not gone to one that has topped it. Well that is until last night. Back in December I got a text from Shannon with a screenshot of her phone and the caption of “Merry Christmas”. She had gotten us tickets to see them again, I have never been so excited for a concert. First thing you need to know about Shannon and I is that we’ve been through some shit. Shannon has been through so much and to keep things slightly private lets just say I’m so happy I got to go with her last night.

Now if you have never been to a BMTH concert, first GO!, but anyways they put on a fantastic show. The musicality is amazing Oli’s voice is beautiful, and they’re stage set is just amazing. For me this is always an emotional band for me. Every song has so much feeling to it, so much emotion behind it. So much so that as I was belting out the lyrics to every song I was also crying. Recently in my life shit has been fucking hard. (excuse my language).  But fuck, if it wasn’t for this band I don’t know what or where I’d be.


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