It’s Been a Rough One

Hello it is currently 7:04pm on a Saturday night.

Just a heads up this isn’t going to be as exciting and interesting as my last post.

These past couple of weeks have been difficult to say the least. You see about a month ago or so we(as in us New Englanders) were getting the first signs of spring, more  sun, longer days, etc. So for someone like me where my depression is slightly based around the time of year this was wonderful for me. I could physically feel myself getting happier. But of course good ole New England is notorious for being unpredictable. Today is the first of April and we just got about a foot or more of snow.  Yes it’s beautiful to look at but fuck i’m so sick of it. To me the months between December and until Aprilish are the hardest to get through especially January and February. It’s filled with bitter cold days, grey sky’s and grumpy people. Pair that with me just being on a particularly hard downswing of my depression these past months haven’t been too great mentally. Yes i have been having a wonderful time with my friends but they aren’t always there, well at least physically. Being alone with my thoughts is something I don’t enjoy. They keep me up almost every night with the what ifs and the you should’ve done this, etc.

No i’m not looking for sympathy or attention. I’m simply just getting things out of my head and “onto pen and paper” so to say. But I noticed I actually have a couple of followers on here, so if you have any tips or experiences with mental illnesses please comment below i would be forever grateful.

I guess that is all for today. Remember to keep your chins up and I’m going to work on keeping mine up as well. Talk to you soon.



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