Midnight Thoughts

Dang two post in one day look at me go

Disclaimer: this is just basically a stream of what is going through my head right now, this is no way pointed at anyone. I just can’t sleep and hope this will help. I may even delete this later.

As of late my brain and thoughts have been filled with the questions of what is love? Am I just infatuated with the idea of love? Do people try and find love only to feel as if they have purpose in this life? I feel like us as people and myself in particular might just be in love with the idea of falling in love. It’s something that is constantly around us starting from such a young age. Are we confusing a deep varing love for someone close to us with the actual feeling of falling in love with someone? That’s what I don’t get. How can one word, such as Love, be meant in so many different ways? Why can’t there be different words for different kinds of love, like the love you feel towards your family vs the love you feel towards your best friends? And how am I, someone who feels love for not only family but my closest friends, separate that from feeling love towards a partner?

Now along with love and such recently there has been more post and other things on the social networks of cheating. Now that is one thing I have never been able to wrap my head around. How can you be with someone you love and care for deeply but then feel the need to go behind their backs and misuse their trust in you? In some ways I can see some points from their side but still, the amount of hurt you are doing to someone mentally is not worth it. If you truly cared about them you wouldn’t even think of not being loyal to them. I don’t know maybe there is something I’m not seeing because I feel like this generation hell all of the generations have had a problem with this. How hard is it to stay loyal and not break the trust of your loved one?



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