Bad Timing

Hello, once again i am writing late at night. It’s 11:15pm here in New Hampshire. Seems to be the time i have all my best thinking.

Have you ever heard of the expression “right place, wrong time” or maybe “right person, wrong time”? Now not everyone believes in these sayings, but i for one do. I feel that maybe sometimes you’re meant to do something but its the wrong time so it feels like you have failed. I experienced this a while back when i graduated but didn’t end up getting all my hours for my cosmetology license. At the time i felt like such a failure and like i had not only let myself down but had let my whole family down. But a year later i had finished and got my license. Now that was almost a year ago and i have a job in a salon and i love it.

Now I’m pretty sure you have been in the situation of “right person, wrong time” or have at least seen it. Now i guess it could happen to anyone in anyway but I’ve had it happen to me a couple times and let me tell you, its almost as painful as a broken heart. Believe me its not anywhere near that but that is the only way i can describe it at the moment.

Bad timing is something that happens all the time, its something you cant control, its something you just need to deal with in the moment. I tend to cry and then put on my big girl panties and move on with life. Everyone deals with things differently, just try and deal with things in a healthy way.

I hope at least one person related to this.




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